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Hop on a Jet Ski for a Day of Fun on the Water

Your favorite lake or river will be the ultimate wet playground when you rent jet skis from Eado Big Boy Toy Rentals of Houston. Our jet ski rental service only offers top-of-the-line equipment that's both powerful and safe. You can rent jet skis for one day or a whole weekend.

Make Waves

Climb aboard our jet skis and hit the water for a day of fun. We have 2 jet skis available to rent and each holds 3 people that is 6 on 2 skis; both are 2012 Sea-Doo GTX Limited 260. These supercharged 3-seaters top out at 60 miles per hour, so they provide more then enough speed if that's what you're looking for.

To make it easy to pull other riders behind the watercraft, our jet skis have a reverse feature and a wakeboard/tubing attached. They have an independent suspension that helps eliminate 50% of the bumps in the water.

Additionally, the jet skis have a special patented braking system that reverses the jets when you apply the brakes, ensuring that the watercraft safely slows down. Use the depth finder to keep track of how deep the water is.


All drivers must be 18 or older. You must also wear a life vest, which we can provide for you.

Time-saving Delivery

A security deposit is required for the jet ski rental. For a fee, we can deliver jet skis to Lake Houston, San Jacinto River, Clear Lake, and Lake Conroe. You may also pick up the jet skis and tow them to the body of water you prefer.